Today, the Movement of Life Cyprus, was hosted by the online radio station MYCYradio and the show Let’s Go Global, for an interview with Sofia Arnaouti in regards to the importance of saving and maintaining our traditional seeds.

The Movement of Life Cyprus was represented by Sofia Matsi and she was hosted at the show with opportunity of the upcoming event, co-organized by the Movement of Life Cyprus and the group PELETI from Greece, with the subject of saving our traditional seeds, taking place at Solea Middle-High School, on November 23rd, 2013.

To learn more regarding this excellent all-day event and to register, click here.

During the discussion, a description took place, of what is the world-wide initiative of the Movement of Life, as well as what was the motivation behind creating the local group of the Movement of Life Cyprus. Also, during the interview, the importance of saving and maintaining our traditional seeds was stressed as well as what is the danger of adopting patented and genetically modified seeds.

You can listen to the discussion by clicking the following link:

Hosted also here

The interview is conducted in English.